We here at TUNG love the idea of improving lives and we believe that striving to be better can be an adventure! Especially when we’re talking about how we relate personally to the world.

Through our Be Your Adventure blogs and videos we want to inspire you to take a journey with us to the adventure of better! How “to be.”

We talk about topics like, “Be Authentic,” “Be Relational,” and “Be Conversational.” In short, we’re all taking a personal and interpersonal trip to a better life!

We love talking about relationships because we believe that people matter and we will do anything we can to guide you into better relationships within your own personal tribe. This journey can give you confidence and inspire you to think differently. We believe that being better can be an adventure.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

So come along with us on the journey that we’re calling Be Your Adventure. Short blogs and quick snippet videos are all the rage for the next few months!

Why not challenge yourself and send your quick video describing your success stories so the tribe can be inspired by your efforts to have a better life?

What’s In It For Me?

By joining in, you get to reap the rewards of being a part of a bigger community of people in the same fight.

A true tribal fight!

Does a TUNG Brush matter? Yes absolutely! But it only matters to a degree. We’re not claiming that our TUNG Brush is going to change the world. But we do believe that, in a small way, it promotes confidence and represents a lifestyle that employs habits that can help you BE BETTER. And YOU matter to us!

What To Expect

The Blog

As we mentioned, we’ll touch on topics like “Be Authentic”, “Be Relational,” “Be Confident”, “Be Conversational,” “Be Kind.”  These are just a few examples of paths we can take to be better that can enhance our lives.


Each blog will also have a WIIFM.  

A breed of small dog?

No, a WIIFM is an acronym for “What’s in it for me?”  We all want to know what’s in it for us so we just say, “heck yea let’s cut to the chase” and give you a reason to read on! (You can see a simple example a few paragraphs up!)


We’ll suggest Labs?  

Yes, a breed of dog. But not what we’re talking about here.

In chemistry class, a lab is a practical way of proving a theory—an experiment to prove a point and paint a picture for us.

So we don’t want to stop at a theory of what it looks like to “Be Authentic” for example, we want to try it out!  Let’s practice what being authentic looks like!


The Postgame is the “So What” of it all.  

We’ll have a few thought-provoking questions that will give you a hand in thinking through the lessons learned in the labs and how to apply them to real life.  

Most importantly: You’ll have a chance to share your experiences with us and a tribe made up of others working on their own adventure to better.

We’ll be “on call” in the community site we’ve created for you. We’ll be there to answer any questions, provide feedback and connect you with others in the tribe. Pretty cool huh? We think so!

Don’t Miss Out! We Launch Tuesday, February 5th!

If you haven’t done it yet, sign up today.

This is your first step toward making 2019 your best year yet! We’re looking forward to having you with us on this exciting journey!

Have questions? Fire away in the comments below!


Val Oechslin

Creator, Be Your Adventure

Val Oechslin is passionate about helping people reach new heights, overcome obstacles, and become the person they’ve always dreamed of being. An artist, filmmaker, storyteller, and vision coach, Val makes her home in Bozeman, Montana with her husband, Tom.

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