The Postgame is a key part of the Be Your Adventure experience. It’s how you share with other members of the Tribe when you’ve tried out one or more of the Labs.

Each one one of the Be Your Adventure Explore[s] will have some ideas to help kickstart your Postgame report. You’ll also see a button labeled “Share Your Postgame Report” that will take you directly to the right place in the Tribe website.

But… if this is all new to you, then you might find yourself with a really important question:

How Do I Record a Video Postgame Report?

If you’ve never recorded a video of yourself for something like this, it might feel a little intimidating. But it’s not hard… I promise!

In fact, we created a video to help walk you through the process:

If I Don’t Want to Do a Video, Can I Just Type My Postgame Report?

Absolutely! We understand video may not be right for everyone—or in every situation.

To type your Postgame report, the process is very similar. Just create a “New Topic” in the subcategory for the Explore that your Postgame report is related to—exactly like you would if your were going to paste the URL for a YouTube video in it—and just type your text instead!

To see an example of how to do this, simply skip to the 1 minute, 47 seconds point in the video (above)!

I Have More Questions!

No problem! Ask away! You can ask here by leaving a comment (below), or you can put your question directly into the Tribe website if you prefer to keep your question (and the answer) a little more private.

All of us on the Be Your Adventure Team will be glad to help you out!

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