How to Get The Most Out of Be Your Adventure

On behalf of all of us at Be Your Adventure, let me be the first to tell you: we’re excited you’re here!

We think that what we’ve designed for you is pretty unique. And that means that there are a few things you might need to know.

First: Be Your Adventure has 2 Parts

This website (where you are now) is the launching pad for all things Be Your Adventure. This is where you sign up, watch videos, and experience each new “leg” of the journey. You can also get your basic questions answered here.

The Be Your Adventure Tribe

This website is only the beginning. Once you get signed up, you’ll also receive an invitation to be a part of the Tribe.

The Tribe is a private, members-only community that allows you to connect with other people who are on the journey. It’s also the place where you can share your Postgames (more on this in a moment) with others, and also see the Postgames that others have shared!

Already a member? Click here to access the Be Your Adventure Tribe.

Second: Each Leg of the Journey Has Several Components

Periodically, we’ll announce a new “leg” of the Be Your Adventure Journey. We call each one an “Explore.”

For example, the starting point (after you sign up, of course) for Be Your Adventure is Explore1.0: Be Authentic.

Each Explore is made up of:

  • A video from the Be Your Adventure leadership team
  • A short article that is designed to get you thinking about some aspect of your adventure
  • Labs, which will help you take action
  • and finally, a Postgame, which is what you share with the Tribe.


What Are Labs?

As we often say, you can’t have adventure without risk, uncertainty, and challenge.

That means that you aren’t having an adventure if we’re only making you think. There must be action if you’re going to move outside of your comfort zone and boost your level of being!

Labs are ways to take action.

We’ll supply one or more labs for each Explore, and we invite you to put into practice the ideas contained in that Explore. By taking action, you will be challenged to do something differently than you have before.

Will every Lab make sense for you? Not necessarily.

We’re all at different places on our journey in life. What’s adventure to me might not be adventure to you, and vice versa.

So think of the Labs as ideas or starting points. You might need to adapt a Lab to fit your particular situation. And that’s perfectly OK!

But regardless: take action.

Be Your Adventure is not (just) a mental excercise! When you take action, you make room for your life to change for the better.


What Are Postgames?

The “Postgame” is the way you’ll connect with others on the journey. You’ll use the Postgame to report back to the Tribe on what you experienced with the Lab(s) you took action on.

With each Explore, we’ll ask some questions or suggest some ways to think about your experience, and you can use those ideas to prepare your personal Postgame for that Explore.

How do I make a Postgame?

The best way is to grab your smartphone and record a video of yourself talking about what you experienced. This allows other members of the Tribe to get to know you better and to have a better sense of how things are going for you.

It’s easy. If you’ve never shot video of yourself before, there’s nothing to be intimidated about. It’s super easy. Just hold your phone up (selfie-style) and hit the record button. Then upload that video to YouTube and post the link into the Tribe website.

Don’t want to do video? That’s OK.

While video is much more personal, if it’s not your thing, you can write about your experience instead.

Either way, your Postgame report goes in the Be Your Adventure Tribe website. If you haven’t been there yet, don’t worry. It’s not complicated. We’ll get you all set and show you around when you join.

Sign Up Today

Don’t wait another day! We’re looking forward to having you join us on this exciting journey!

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