“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.”
— Maxwell Maltz

What’s In It For Me?

Why should we care about confidence? Well the truth is that confidence in yourself improves your work, relationships, and overall health.

Basically, your confidence—or lack thereof—can affect how you interact with the world and the way you relate to yourself. Your own self-talk can be a deal-breaker if it’s not accurate and true.

You, as an individual, are uniquely gifted to accomplish whatever you’ve been put on this earth to do. Let’s say that again: you are uniquely gifted to accomplish your purpose.

That means there are things you can do as well as or better than most. Now, having the confidence in this fact is the trick here. How do we find out more about what we’re good at or inspired by, so that we may ultimately find our unique place in this world?

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Norman Vincent Peale
#BeYourAdventure #BeConfident


The “Be” in “Be Your Adventure” is a verb. In fact, we think of it as an action verb, because to be your adventure means taking action that moves your life in a positive direct. Labs are how that happens. Choose one (or more!) of the labs below as a way to take action on this topic! Learn more about labs.

Lab #1: Build your “Library of Abilities”

Check out this Intro Video from Pete Sveen, a.k.a. DIY Pete:

Simple assurance in yourself can come when you learn a new skill and add some new “abilities” to your life. These may not change your life in a major way, but they may cause you to think differently about yourself.

You might try something physical. Or, how about trying something more skill-oriented? For example, you could learn how to build a table, make a picture frame, create a painting, arrange your furniture, etc. You can get some ideas from DIY Pete on YouTube like building a barn door!

Don’t be intimidated by his “How To Make a Hockey Rink!” 😉 He also makes floating shelves! Creating, building, and fixing things are a great and very tangible reminder that you have what it takes to accomplish something that matters! Something that has lasting value. Watch and learn!

You may discover a new passion and talent through this lab, so beware! Building confidence can lead to a whole new life!

Lab #2: Build a Team and Take a Risk

This exercise is similar to building your “library of abilities” except that this lab may be more of a physical challenge. We want to engage the body and the mind in this one.

Important: always consult a doctor before beginning any kind of new exercise regimen.

For example, some people train for a marathon, take a super challenging hike, join a climbing gym, start Crossfit, or simply hire a personal trainer. Any of these promote the idea of team while building your physical and mental strength. The power of team can add something very special to your life.

For example, Crossfit may give you that bigger team that can encourage, support, and motivate you while you become physically stronger. Ask any athletes involved in a team sport and they’ll tell you that being part of a team is a super confidence builder. You learn to have faith in and trust someone else and, super important here, you get to experience someone else having faith in and trusting you. They’re cheering you on and pulling for you. That builds confidence.

So go to a climbing gym, start working out, begin running, train for an epic hike, walk in a fundraiser, or whatever else you can dream up.

Now choose a specific friend and ask him or her to team up with you.

In short, take a chance, build a team, and build your confidence

Lab #3: Draw a “Life Map

Smart, confident people usually set goals.

Having a map to navigate your life is like using a map to navigate a trail in the mountains. It’s smart to have some idea of where you’re going, how many miles and how long it will take you. Then you have enough information to take the risk! Everyone can use some help with this exercise so here is something to help get you started.

I would add to this that a modest number of goals is super important here. Start with 3 and move on from there. Hike on, Adventure Seeker!


Now that you’ve taken action by choosing one or more of the labs and trying it/them out, the “Postgame” is how you share your results—including any insights you may have gained—with the community. Learn more about postgame reports.

  1. What new skill did you add to your “library of abilities?” How did it affect your everyday life? What did you learn about yourself? What happened to your level of confidence?
  2. Talk about how the adventure you took on with a team or teammate. Were you afraid before you started this new adventure? How did you overcome the fear? How did other people contribute to your sense of confidence?
  3. What was it like to build this bond with a team or teammate? How did they encourage you? Did the experience change the way you look at yourself?

So now it’s time to take on the world with your journey to confidence! Be skilled, Be a risk taker, Be different and Be YOUR Adventure!


Val Oechslin

Creator, Be Your Adventure

Val Oechslin is passionate about helping people reach new heights, overcome obstacles, and become the person they’ve always dreamed of being. An artist, filmmaker, storyteller, and vision coach, Val makes her home in Bozeman, Montana with her husband, Tom.

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